Squid game ahead? No, just directions, British police explain

LONDON — A road sign on a highway in England with symbols similar to those in the hit Netflix series “Squid Game” has nothing to do with the show, police reassured motorists.

The sign, along the M4 motorway at Slough, about 40 miles west of London, indicated a “detour” (or detour, in American English), no entry into the game in the dystopian South Korean survival drama, the Thames Valley police said this week on Twitter.

The board featured the outlines of a triangle, a square, and a circle, along with an arrow indicating the next turn. According to a road sign guide from the UK Department for Transport, the shapes are used individually to indicate an emergency diversion.

It was unclear how drivers would have understood that the combination of symbols, without words, indicated a diversion.

A Slough Borough Council spokeswoman said the council is not responsible for the sign, which was placed by Highways England, the agency that oversees major roads.

“As much as Slough likes to be at the forefront of new trends, we can promise there’s no Squid Game in our city,” said spokeswoman Kate Pratt.

Neither Highways England nor the Thames Valley Police immediately responded to requests for comment.

Road signs in Britain have long baffled motorists. In 1965 a new system of signs was introduced, more in line with that in the rest of Europe, to make it easier for drivers to follow instructions. But drivers have complained that subsequent updates have made some new road signs difficult to interpret.

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