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Stephen A. Smith picks LA Chargers AND LV Raiders to win in Week 1, despite playing against each other!


Stephen A. Smith puzzlingly picks both the LA Chargers AND Las Vegas Raiders to win in Week 1 – despite AFC West’s rivals playing against each other!

  • On Friday’s episode of First Take, Stephen A. singled out the Raiders to defeat LA
  • This just after choosing the Chargers to score the most points of the AFC West in World Cup 1
  • Earlier this week, Smith also referred to Jalen Reagor as an eagle, despite the former first-rounder being traded to the Minnesota Vikings on August 31.

ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith is known for his virality and ability to polarize much of the sports world.

Friday’s episode of First Take proved to be no exception, as the former Philadelphia Inquirer journalist created a moment for social media to bask.

When asked by host Molly Qerim who would score the most points among AFC West teams in Week 1, Smith chose the LA franchise.

Stephen A. Smith has become both a fan favorite and TV villain since joining ESPN’s First Take

‘I’m going’ [sic] go with the Chargers,” he said.

When asked about his reasoning, Smith referred to the offense’s three-headed monster in quarterback Justin Herbert and wide receivers Mike Williams and Keenan Allen.

Justin Herbert. Williams, Keenan Allen. Period of time. No one is stopping that offense,” Smith continued.

In a puzzling but hilarious prompt, Qerim then asked ‘Raiders-Chargers, who do you support to win this one, Stephen A?’

Smith chose LA to score more points than all AFC West teams, but chose Las Vegas to win

Smith chose LA to score more points than all AFC West teams, but chose Las Vegas to win

To the unadulterated joy of the internet – and in some corners annoyance – the larger-than-life personality chose Derek Carr’s team.

‘I don’t know. I’m going [sic] go with the Raiders. I’ll agree with that.’

It remains unclear whether Smith was playful and consciously oblivious that the Chargers couldn’t score the most points while losing to Las Vegas at the same time.

It wasn’t Smith’s sharpest week on the ESPN debate show.

Former first-round draft pick Jalen Reagor left the Eagles last month via trade to the Vikings

Former first-round draft pick Jalen Reagor left the Eagles via trade to the Vikings last month

During a clip about the Philadelphia Eagles on Wednesday’s edition, Smith brought up now Vikings receiver Jalen Reagor, who referred him as part of the team despite being traded to Minnesota on August 31.

“Forgive him America for what he doesn’t know,” Smith said of colleague Chris Russo’s opinion before making his hilariously inaccurate statement.

“You acquire AJ Brown, you place him with DeVonta Smith, okay. That’s what you’re dealing with. Reagor has something to prove this year. But the three of them are something wonderful, wonderful.’


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