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Summer is almost over, so bridge the seasons with a little va va voom!

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Elevate your look with a swishy midi: summer is almost over, so bridge the seasons with a little va va voom!

  • Jo Elvin explains that her love for the midi skirt started in 2015 when she was working in Milan
  • The UK-based fashion editor describes how versatile and flattering these skirts are
  • Some people say they are for tall people, but she explains that it’s about proportions

Wow, Jo, you look so…glamorous today!’ I was working in Milan, and when the icy Italian fashion PR gave the compliment, she made no effort to hide her surprise.

Instead of my usual editor’s uniform of a slim pantsuit and jazzy flats, I’d gone for a midi skirt. It was Sonia Rykiel and I had fallen in love with the horizontal blue and white stripes and the full A-line. I had worn it with a simple crisp white shirt and navy blue strappy sandals.

The look was professional and chic, but also feminine and like that PR said, glamorous. The hard-won praise almost made me jump around, savoring the swish of my girlish, swirling skirt. That was 2015 and it started my love for the midi.

Skirt, £82, tedbaker. com; sweater (all outfits), £15, mark; heels, £12.99,

I even bought another Sonia Rykiel song. They cost a bomb, but have been worth every penny because they are so versatile. I’ve worn them with a button-down shirt and pumps to meetings, a slogan sweatshirt and trainers to barbecues, and sequined tops with metallic heels to black-tie events. With that bit of calf and ankle showing, they give a swishy hit of femininity.

Skirt, £89, whistles.  com;  necklace, £50, accessories

Skirt, £155,;  heels, £17.99, hmm.  com;  earrings, £18,

Left: skirt, £89, whistles. com; chain, £50, Right: skirt, £155,; heels, £17.99, hmm. com; earrings, £18,

Skirt, £34,;  heels, £49.99,

Skirt, £34,; heels, £49.99,

Skirt, £89.95, lawand company.  com;  chop, £35.99,;  earrings, £30, accessories

Skirt, £89.95, lawand company. com; chop, £35.99,; earrings, £30, accessories

And now the shops are bursting with fresh temptation.

The skirts here are inspired by the Bottega Veneta Fall/Winter 2022 runway. Super-hot designer Matthieu Blazy’s interpretation of the look played out the midi’s va-va-voom appeal: voluminous A-lines, cinched in waists, cotton candy colors and a fantastic foamy tulle underlay. He emphasized their beautiful A-line shape with a close-fitting, lightweight knit on top.

Skirt, £65, asos.  com;  heels, £149,;  earrings, £15, accessories;  necklace, £22,

Skirt, £105, bid., earrings, £15.99,

Left: skirt, £65, asos. com; heels, £149,; earrings, £15, accessories; necklace, £22, Right: skirt, £105, bottoms., earrings, £15.99,

Sometimes people say that midi lengths are only for tall women. It’s not about height at all, it’s about the right proportions. The hem should touch mid-calf.

I guarantee that the right midi will flatter you for years to come.


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