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Sunrise: David Koch takes ‘extended leave’; Matt Shirvington fills in


Kochie signs off: Breakfast TV shakeup as Sunrise host David Koch takes ‘extended leave’ and Matt Shirvington steps up to replace him

Sunrise co-anchor David ‘Kochie’ Koch is taking extended leave to attend his daughter’s wedding in London.

The father of four, 66, who has hosted Channel Seven’s breakfast show since 2002, will be away from work for about three weeks.

He announced his temporary departure in the closing moments of Thursday’s broadcast.

Sunrise co-anchor David ‘Kochie’ Koch (center right) is taking extended leave to attend his daughter’s wedding in London. Dad of four, 66, won’t be working for about three weeks

Koch, who was forced to leave work early a few weeks ago due to a throat infection, said he was looking forward to walking his daughter Georgie down the aisle.

But he admitted that he was somewhat nervous because he has not yet met the family of his future son-in-law Alex Merkel.

“We all share a house with him and his parents for a week before the wedding and we’ve never met them,” he said.

“It’s either Father of the Bride or Nightmare on Elm Street,” he joked.

Alex and Georgie, who live in London, got engaged in September last year.

Koch was replaced on Friday’s episode of Sunrise by Olympic sports reporter Matt Shirvington, who now appears to be his regular fill-in host.

In the past, Weekend Sunrise co-anchor Matt Doran was typically Koch’s replacement when he took time off.

But Doran seems to have fallen out of favor with Seven executives since his infamously botched interview with Adele that resulted in a flood of negative headlines.

Koch will be back at the Sunrise desk with Natalie Barr in the middle of next month.


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