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The number of deaths from Covid in the US has DOUBLE in the past week and the number of cases has increased by 24%


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Daily Covid infections and deaths are starting to increase in the US after more than a month of little exercise – indicating that a summer surge fueled by the BA.5 variant may now be underway.

America has an average of 649 daily deaths from Covid, up 97 percent from the past week. It is the largest increase in deaths in seven days since early December.

The registered infections have also made a jump, to 136,903 per day. It’s a 24 percent increase over seven days and the highest daily average since February — when America came out of the biggest Covid wave of the pandemic.

These sharp increases are attributed to the BA.5 variant. The highly contagious strain of the virus that has quickly taken over as the dominant strain in the United States.

While no more mandates related to the virus are expected in the near future, Dr. Anthony Fauci, America’s top infectious disease expert, once again urged Americans to wear masks during indoor public gatherings on Tuesday.

According to the most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the BA.5 strain now makes up 65 percent of active cases in the U.S.

The BA.5 (dark green) variant now accounts for 65% of active cases in the US, instead of the BA 2.12.1 (red) variant – which now accounts for only 17% of cases. The BA.4 variant (light green) is responsible for 16% of US Covid cases

†[BA.5 is] something we absolutely have to take seriously. It has a transmission advantage over the previous variant that was dominant,” Fauci . said MSNBC

The variant is considered the most contagious form of Omicron that has appeared to date. Early data from South Africa – where it was first discovered – also shows that it may be able to evade natural Covid immunity brought on by previous infection.

This is especially dangerous because it means that many people who think they are temporarily safe from Covid from a previous infection are suddenly vulnerable again.

It came along with the BA.4 variant — also discovered earlier this year in South Africa — which now accounts for 16 percent of cases, according to CDC data.

The BA 2.12.1 variant that was dominant before BA.5 now makes up only 17 percent of cases and is being wiped out by the two new species.

The rampant spread of the two new species, along with the increasing cases associated with them, have led officials like Fauci to recommend Americans roll back some of the Covid measures they may already be aware of from the past two years.

“Everyone wants to put this pandemic behind us and feel it and hope it doesn’t exist. It does, the good news is we have the ability and the tools to deal with it, and we need to use those tools,” said Fauci, who serves as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease.

‘For example, have yourself vaccinated if you have not been primary vaccinated. If you are for a booster, buy a booster.

“And if you’re in an area with high infection dynamics — and you talked about mandating something — but recommending people when they’re in, get together and wear a mask.” Those are simple, achievable things that can prevent us from getting even more problems than we have now.’

Booster shots will likely soon feature newly formulated jabs intended to target the Omicron variant as vaccine manufacturers aim to roll out new shots in the coming months.

The currently available shots are formulated to combat the original Wuhan strain of the virus that broke out around the world in early 2020.

The virus has since mutated greatly, and the Omicron variant family has the ability to evade the protection against infection afforded by those shots.

However, some experts disagree that custom injections of Omicron are necessary, as the protection against severe infection, hospitalization and death provided by the original injections is still effective against the highly contagious strain.

The states suffering the most during this recent wave of Covid are New Mexico and Nevada. Both desert states average about 0.3 daily deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

Daily Covid infections – a figure that often predates a rise in deaths by a few months – is increasing most in North Carolina, where daily infections have doubled in the past week.

Fauci pointed to the New York area as a specific hot spot for the virus and even the first area to hit the next wave of the virus — as it often did during the pandemic.

According to the most recently available data, the number of cases in the Empire State has increased by 26 percent in the past two weeks.

In New York City, daily infections are up 28 percent, although hospitalizations and death rates remain limited due to the city’s high vaccination rate.

dr. Jay Varma, former public health adviser to Mayor Bill de Blasio, warned last week that BA.5 could be the reason the number of cases in the nation’s largest city is starting to rise — and that it could be a sign of a new one. increase.

‘The decline in reported’ [COVID-19] cases in NYC has stopped. Reported cases are on a high plateau meaning the actual transmission is very high when you take the >20x undercount into account. This is likely to be the start of a BA.5 wave,” he said in a tweet.

The US is often lagging behind the UK during the pandemic, experiencing the same trends just a few weeks behind.

The European nation was already dealing with a BA.5-fueled Covid spike, and an analysis by MailOnline shows the spike could already be peaking.

Hospital admissions attributed to the virus are increasing at about 20 percent a week, according to data from the National Health Service, with the previously weekly rate increase of 40 percent a week.

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