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Tom Lynch was denied the winning goal against Brisbane for not celebrating hard enough

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Tom Lynch was denied the winning goal against the Brisbane Lions ‘because he didn’t CELEBRATE hard enough’ as ​​the AFL’s video rating system is labeled a circus

  • The attacker kicked what the fans said was a winning goal against Brisbane
  • The video review ruled it was a backlog and the Tiger lost the match
  • It means Richmond’s season is now over after a late goal from the Brisbane Lions
  • Now pundits are puzzled by the revelations that Lynch’s reaction played a part in the video referee’s decision that cost the Tigers their season

AFL analysts are lining up to attack the league’s video rating system after it was revealed that player reactions influence decisions – potentially costing Richmond their season.

Tigers players were left filthy after striker Tom Lynch was denied a crucial goal in the closing minutes of their elimination final against Brisbane at the Gabba on Thursday night.

Although the on-field umpire’s decision was a goal, it was overturned by the video rating system based on the belief that the ball would have hit the post if it had gone further into the air.

It has now been revealed that players’ reactions are being used as evidence by the video rating system, meaning Lynch’s lukewarm response to his goal kick could have cost him his side win.

Lynch didn’t immediately celebrate the goal attempt that worked against Richmond

AFL reporter Tom Browne confirmed on Channel 7 that player reactions are a benchmark used in the video review process.

“Tonight I was told from a reliable source that they are taking the player’s response as a guideline and then looking at the evidence,” he said.

Former St Kilda player and coach Grant Thomas labeled the video review system a ‘circus’ after the incident.

“We have a referee and a technology system. Umpire makes the call, then it is supported or destroyed by the technical system. If the ARC can’t decide, it’s the referee’s call…simple. Then if we go to the reactions of players in an elimination final, it’s a circus. Amateur hour.’

Leigh Matthews famously won the threepeat of the AFL premieres with the Brisbane Lions, but even the champions player and coach admitted the decision to overturn Lynch’s goal was “disturbing” and shouldn’t have happened.

“It’s a little disturbing to be honest, because you want it to be final, don’t you … sometimes you hope the score review officer has a better view than us or a more convincing vision than we have,” he said.

“For me, no, it wasn’t conclusive and so knocking down the goal umpire was just a huge decision.”

Veteran commentator and analyst Gerard Whately said the matter revealed multiple issues with the rating system.

“I think we’ve set ourselves up with a system that has inherent flaws,” he said.


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