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Top Republican Kevin McCarthy will say in Thursday’s speech Biden ‘launched an attack on democracy’

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Top Republican Kevin McCarthy will say Biden ‘launched an attack on democracy’ and ‘did everything to crush America’s soul’ and ‘blaspheme’ millions

  • Minority group leader Kevin McCarthy pre-butting President Joe Biden’s primetime address in Philadelphia with his own speech in Scranton
  • obtained excerpts from his speech, in which the GOP leader is expected to apologize to the president for his ‘semi-fascism’ remark
  • It comes amid a tidal wave of GOP criticism of Biden comparing MAGA Republican beliefs to “semi-fascism” as he hit the mid-term campaign trail
  • McCarthy’s speech will largely focus on crime rates and inflation
  • Biden will talk about “what’s at stake right now” and civic engagement, according to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

Minority group leader Kevin McCarthy will demand that President Joe Biden apologize for comparing MAGA Republican beliefs to “semi-fascism” in his speech Thursday night, the has learned.

He will accuse the president of ‘launching an attack on democracy’

The Republican legislator refutes Biden’s primetime “Soul of the Nation” speech in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with his own address in nearby Scranton – the president’s hometown.

McCarthy and Biden are leading efforts to power their bases with just over two months left before the critical midterm elections in November.

“What Joe Biden doesn’t understand is that the soul of America is the tens of millions of hardworking people, loving families and law-abiding citizens he vilified simply because they wanted a stronger, safer, and more prosperous country.” McCarthy will say, according to an excerpt obtained by

He continues to hammer on Biden’s theme and will accuse the Democratic administration of “doing anything to crush America’s soul.”

The president’s stop in Philadelphia is part of a lively return to the campaign trail for the 79-year-old commander in chief.

He drew the ire of Republicans last week when he told a group of donors ahead of his Democratic National Committee speech in Bethesda, Maryland, “What we are seeing now is either the beginning or the death knell of an extreme MAGA philosophy… not just Trump. It’s the whole philosophy that underlies the — I’m going to say something: it’s like semi-fascism.”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy plans to speak outside Philadelphia’s Independence Hall in Scranton, Pennsylvania, shortly before President Biden’s address.

McCarthy will join the list of GOP figures going after the comments, according to a separate extract obtained from the California Republican campaign.

“When the president speaks tonight at Independence Hall, the first lines should be out of his mouth to apologize for defaming tens of millions of Americans as ‘fascists,'” he will say.

The GOP leader is expected to tell Americans that the President’s policies have seriously damaged America’s soul, tarnished America’s spirit, and violated America’s trust.

McCarthy’s speech is expected to focus largely on rising crime rates and skyrocketing inflation, two central issues in Republicans’ medium-term strategy.

He plans to discuss “what he has heard from the American people this summer about rising crime, record inflation and other hardships caused by Democrats’ damaging policies,” a press release said on Wednesday.

Next to the California Republican appears Jim Bognet, the congressional candidate from GOP Pennsylvania.

Bognet runs for Democrat Rep. Matt Cartwright in the state’s 8th congressional district. The area leans Republican by four points, according to the unbiased Cook Political Report.

Predictions of an almost certain “red tsunami” in Congress during the November midterm elections were met by the Supreme Court and a wave of red state legislatures that banned or banned abortion.

Biden has made a fiery return to the campaign trail in recent days, with stops in Maryland and Pennsylvania

Biden has made a fiery return to the campaign trail in recent days, with stops in Maryland and Pennsylvania

The GOP is still expected to secure a majority in the House of Representatives, although it could be by a narrow margin of a dozen or fewer seats.

Biden and McCarthy’s Pennsylvania speeches on Thursday come just over two months before voters head to the polls to decide which party will control Congress for the second half of Biden’s term.

The president’s speech will be “optimistic” and talk about “what’s at stake right now,” the White House said earlier on Thursday.

“It’s getting optimistic. he will talk about how he thinks we can get through this present moment, this critical moment that we are in right now. He believes this is a moment where a lot is at stake,” press officer Karine Jean-Pierre said during her regular press conference.

“He will also talk very directly about what he sees as a threat at this point in time.”

Jean-Pierre called the pro-Donald Trump MAGA agenda “one of the most extreme” of beliefs — though she did her best to target her comments at officials rather than voters.

“It’s an extreme part of the Republican Party,” she said. “They threaten political violence and they attack our democracy.”

The Biden official denied the president’s speech was “political.”


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