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Trump Backs Representative Nancy Mays Behind GOP Challengers

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Former President Donald Trump is set to speak on Saturday evening at his third Save America rally of the year in Florence, South Carolina, since Russian military forces launched an unprovoked and bloody attack on Ukraine.

Hundreds of Trump supporters gathered in a field near Florence Regional Airport in northeast South Carolina, despite intermittent rain and chilly winds.

The discontent of those present about the state of the economy was evident. In addition to signs and flags expressing support for the former president, the muddy grass was dotted with signs criticizing President Joe Biden for wider supply chain issues and rising prices. Late last week the Labor Department announced the inflation rate hit 7.9 percent in February, a disastrous 40-year high.

As the skies began to clear after 4 p.m., the crowd broke into their first cheering slogan, chanting the anti-Biden phrase ‘Let’s go Brandon’.

Trump is heading to South Carolina to support GOP House candidates Katie Arrington and Russell Fry. South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster is also set to attend.

McMaster, set for re-election this November, criticized the Biden administration’s “weak” handling of Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Arrington is challenging outgoing Representative Nancy Mays, who won a narrow victory over former Democrat Representative Joe Cunningham in 2020 with Trump’s endorsement.

Arrington took the stage late in the afternoon, though strong winds left him leaving the pages of his planned speech.

About Trump, she said, “I’ve been waiting a few weeks for Big Daddy to come home.”

The Mace challenger also criticized her opponent as the ‘Liz Cheney of the South’.

Fry is facing Rep. Tom Rice, one of 10 Republican lawmakers who voted to impeach Trump over the Capitol riots. Saturday’s rally is in Rice’s 7th Congressional District.

Fry’s speech featured a play on words, calling on voters to ‘Fry the Rice’ in the June elections.

Two ex-Trump administration officials from South Carolina will be notably absent from the event — former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, who served as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, and Mick Mulvaney, who retired from serving as White. Previously in the House of Representatives. House Chief of Staff.

Mulvaney left the Trump administration the day after the January 6 attack on the Capitol last year.

Meanwhile, Haley also entered the upcoming South Carolina primary on June 14, supporting Mace. He spoke Friday at a fundraiser for new congressmen.

Mace, who represents the Palmetto state’s first district, drew Trump’s wrath after the Capitol riots, telling NBC that day the former president “put all our lives at risk.” He also said on the floor of the House that MPs need to “hold the President accountable”. However, Mays did not vote to impeach him, nor did he vote for a bipartisan committee to investigate the rebellion.

Days after Haley endorsed Mace in early February, Trump threw his support behind Arrington. He had previously endorsed Arrington, a former state legislator, for the seat of Mays in 2018. He defeated the district’s then-Republican incumbent in the GOP primary, but lost the general election to Cunningham.

A day after Trump endorsed Arrington, Mays videotaped himself outside Trump Tower in New York City reiterating his support for the former president and targeting his primary opponent.

Mays said in a February 10 video that she was one of Trump’s “early supporters” and warned voters to only support Arrington “if you want this seat once again in the midterm election cycle for Democrats”. want to lose,’ referring to their 2018 defeat.

Rice is among Republican lawmakers who were targeted by Trump over his impeachment vote on January 6.

Trump has so far endorsed eight challengers to incumbent Republican lawmakers. Two are in South Carolina.

Fry, who currently serves in the State House of Representatives, recently issued a controversial ad targeting Rice.

An actor portraying a GOP congressman attends a “Villains Anonymous” meeting that includes Satan, Maleficent, Batman nemesis the Joker, Harry Potter character Dolores Umbridge – and Dr. Anthony Fauci’s illustrations are also included.

Trump took a swing at Mess and Rice in a Friday statement previewing his event in Florence.

‘Big rally in South Carolina this weekend. Katie Arrington, who is running against the absolutely terrifying Nancy Mace, and Russell Fry, who likewise “don’t have a clue” is running against Tom Rice, they said via their Save America PAC.

Later that day he announced his fourth rally of 2022 to be held in Commerce, Georgia, in late March.

Tim Scott and Lindsey Graham, two Republican senators from South Carolina, are not expected to attend the rally.

Graham, one of Trump’s top aides in Congress, recently distanced himself from the former president’s comments, which included Russia’s autocratic leader Vladimir Putin for his plan to invade Ukraine in late February. Talent’.

Earlier this month, Graham called Trump’s remarks a “mistake”.

During an interview with Fox News on Friday night, Trump was given several opportunities to condemn the Russian leader.

‘I got along with these people. I got on well with him,’ he said of his diplomatic relations with Putin as well as the leaders of China and Iran.

‘It doesn’t mean they are good people. It means nothing more than the fact that I understood them and maybe they understood me – maybe they understood me even better.’

Meanwhile, Putin’s forces have been bombing Ukrainian cities for more than two weeks, since he personally ordered the attack on February 24.

The city of Mariupol is besieged by Russian forces, who recently bombed a maternity hospital there while expectant mothers and children were inside. Moscow authorities have insisted that there were no civilians, and photographs of wounded women horribly fleeing were staged with actors in distress.

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