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Trump hires ‘knife fighter’ lawyer to fight his Mar-a-Lago case

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Trump hires ‘knife fighter’ lawyer to challenge his Mar-a-Lago case

  • Trump hires former Solicitor General Chris Kise in Florida
  • Kise Advised Ron DeSantis And Former Governor Rick Scott During Transitions
  • DOJ Responds Today to Judge’s ‘Provisional’ Order to Assign a Special Master
  • Kise has argued and won cases in the US and Florida Supreme Courts

Former President Donald Trump is strengthening his legal team as he fights a lengthy battle against the government over documents seized by the FBI during the Mar-a-Lago raid earlier this month.

The former president, who attacked the FBI in a tweet storm on Tuesday after calling for a rerun of the 2020 election, has hired Chris Kise, a former Florida attorney general.

Kise advised Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis during his transition, a role he also held for former Gov. Rick Scott.

SeDantis is considered a potential top rival to Trump for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024.

The news of the rent, first reported by NBCcomes as the Justice Department prepares to file a lengthy legal opinion condemning Trump to a “special master” to sort his claims of executive privilege on 15 boxes of documents he sent back from his private club in Florida.

The network reported that the newest member of Trump’s legal team has developed a “reputation as an accomplished political knife hunter.”

The appointment comes after U.S. District Judge Eileen Cannon announced her “intentions” last weekend to grant Trump’s demand for a special master.

Former President Donald Trump has hired a new attorney to fend off a federal investigation that led to FBI agents’ search of Mar-a-Lago’s home

The DOJ lined up to file a blistering response Tuesday, after unopposed motion Monday night to double the usual length of its response to 40 pages.

It sought the extra length to “adequately address the legal and factual issues” raised by Trump’s team.

That comes at a time when some legal experts have torn up the request of Trump’s current legal team in his lawsuit, arguing that there isn’t much president for a third party to search a former president’s claim of executive privilege.

Trump has repeatedly attacked the FBI for Mar-a-Lago . raid

Trump has repeatedly attacked the FBI for Mar-a-Lago . raid

The National Archives has made it clear in correspondence with Trump’s lawyers that it believes the privilege rests with the current president, President Biden.

The government says in a file that a “filtering team” of FBI agents who seized more than 15 boxes of material from Mar-a-Lago has completed its investigation of material that may relate to the privilege of lawyers and clients. .

Judge Cannon also told the Justice Department to provide a more detailed description of what was taken from Mar-a-Lago, which the government said it would do.

The DOJ is investigating possible violations of the Espionage Act. The law regulates the confiscation and retention of classified material after officers took hundreds of pages of classified material that were in Mar-a-Lago.

There is evidence that investigators are also looking at possible obstruction, after administration lawyers asked Trump to return documents and then subpoenaed them before agents showed up at Mar-a-Lago while Trump was away.

Trump has repeatedly attacked the search as politically motivated, and his attorney Jim Trusty minimized the retention of government-owned documents Monday night.

He pointed to the request, revealed in correspondence unsealed by another judge, which the government made during a visit in June to better lock down a warehouse where documents were kept.

Trusty said there was a “timeline of collaboration,” and told… Fox news it showed a president who was “accommodating.”

‘Advice [DOJ] came up with five days later was “Hey, lock the door please.” I mean, that’s not the stuff of an urgent espionage-type nuclear investigation. That’s the stuff of an overdue library book.’

Trump has gone through a string of lawyers since he ran for the White House and won it.

Kise has argued and won cases in the US and Florida Supreme Courts.


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