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Tell T a joke | Glenn Ligon

The artist recites a joke about race from the late comedian Paul Mooney.

So I’m going to tell a joke from Paul Mooney, a comedian. He was close friends with Richard Pryor and also worked on the Dave Chappelle show. And he told this joke on David Letterman’s show in 2008. “I have to tell you this story that my neighbor told me, and then I’ll stop. My white neighbor told me a joke. Then I’m done. And I laughed so hard. About her sister, a white woman, who baked a chocolate cake for her little white son. And she turned her back, and the little white son put chocolate on his face and said, “Look, Mama, I’m black.” And she hit him. She said, ‘Don’t ever say that in this house. Go tell your father what you said.’ He said, “Look, Daddy, I’m black.” And the father hit him. “Never say that. Go tell your grandfather what you said.’ “Look, Grandpa, I’m black.” And grandpa hit him. “Go back to your mother.” And the mother set him down and said, “Timmy, what did you learn today?” And Timmy said, ‘I’ve learned that I’ve been black for five minutes, and I already hate you white people.’”

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