Woman, 66, joked to police when arrested for stabbing her husband

A woman who stabbed her husband to death said ‘you don’t get many murders’ in her quiet Somerset village when she was arrested by police, a court has heard.

Penelope Jackson, 66, stabbed 78-year-old David Jackson, a retired lieutenant colonel, three times in the kitchen of their family home in Berrow, Somerset, on February 13 this year.

Her 24-year-old husband managed to call emergency services before he lost consciousness, but the defendant took the phone from him and refused to follow the operator’s instructions to help him.

mr jackson waHe bled to death wearing only his underpants when officers arrived at the property.

Today jurors were shown arresting footage of Penelope Jackson on the third day of her trial at Bristol Crown Court on Wednesday.

Jackson, who had previously threatened to cut off her husband’s penis, according to the court, was heard by officers saying, “I’m wearing my ‘jama’, I’m wearing my ‘jama’ as she was beaten down and handcuffed.

Penelope Jackson, 66, stabbed 78-year-old David Jackson (pictured together), a retired lieutenant colonel, three times in the kitchen of their childhood home.

She told the officers, “No problem, I stabbed him, he’s an aggressive bully and mean and I’ve had enough.”

Jackson added, “If he says I wouldn’t do it, I would do it twice more.”

The defendant could then be heard to complain that she was cold and ask that the heater in the police car be turned on before an officer offered to go get her coat.

She was then advised to be quiet and wait for legal advice, but replied, “No, no. I’m not going to disagree with what I’ve done.

“I know what I did and I know why I did it and if I didn’t do it right I’ll be very annoyed.”

In another clip, she could be heard “oh good” when she was re-arrested for murder rather than attempted murder.

Once at the police station, she told the officers she hadn’t been out “since Christmas”, adding: “I might freeze to death.”

She then joked ‘that would be really great to get Covid on top of it’ as they took her temperature as part of the coronavirus precautions.

She added, “I’m telling you, you don’t get many kills in Berrow.”

On the second day of Jackson’s murder trial, the jury learned that the 78-year-old victim had been Jackson’s fourth husband and she his third wife.

Sheila Taylor, Mr Jackson’s second wife, told the court that her marriage to the victim had ended when he began an affair with the defendant in 1993.

Jackson (left with husband David Jackson) confesses to murder of retired lieutenant colonel, but denies murder

Jackson (left with husband David Jackson) confesses to murder of retired lieutenant colonel, but denies murder

Police officers were called to the couple's home in Berrow, Somerset on February 13 this year

Police officers were called to the couple’s home in Berrow, Somerset on February 13 this year

Taylor told the court she learned of the affair when Jackson called their home and demanded to speak to her husband.

She said he had been “white and shaky” when he came out of the call, adding: “He told me he had an affair with a woman named Penny, but the relationship was over now.

“(Jackson) didn’t want the relationship to end and she insisted that he tell me about it and move in with her.”

Ms Taylor said that after her divorce from the victim was finalized, he told her that Jackson had threatened to “do a Bobbit on him” if he ever tried to leave her.

The alleged threat was a reference to a high-profile case in the US around the same time in which a woman had her husband’s penis cut off.

Jackson admitted to the manslaughter of the retired lieutenant colonel but denies murder, claiming her husband was compulsive and controlling as well as physically abusive toward her.

But a number of friends and relatives have stated that they never saw any sign that the couple was unhappy together.

Several called the defendant the more outgoing of the two.

Julie Smith, an old friend of Jackson’s whom she had met when they both worked in accounting and administration at the Department of Defense, said she often had one-on-one conversations with her.

She told the court: “David was quiet, modest, sociable, a good man, Penelope was sociable and sociable.

“They both had pretty strong opinions, so they were similar in that regard.”

Mrs. Smith continued, “They seemed to get along well, just minor differences of opinion as with any married couple.”

She added that she had never seen any aggression between the pair, saying, “They seemed comfortable in each other’s company.”

Ms Smith said the defendant and victim had enjoyed travelling, taking several cruises a year and often spending the winter months in Spain.

The trial, which is expected to take three weeks, continues.


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