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Woman ‘raped’ by Mendy’s boyfriend, 41, after 19th birthday party ‘posted photos from bash online’


Woman says she was raped by Manchester City football star Benjamin Mendy’s ‘fixer’ boyfriend, 41, after her 19th birthday party ‘posted five photos from the bash online three days later’ because they were ‘good memories’

  • Woman says she was attacked by Louis Saha Matturie after her 19th party
  • Matturie’s defense suggested the complainant was ’embarrassed’ by the events
  • He claims sex in his flat after her birthday celebrations was consensual

A woman who claimed she was raped by Benjamin Mendy’s boyfriend and repairman denied making the claim because she was “ashamed” that she had sex with an older man, a court heard today.

The complainant has told Mendy in the rape trial that she was attacked by Louis Saha Matturie, 41, after going to his flat with a friend in March last year to celebrate her 19th birthday.

Ms Lisa Wilding, KC for Matturie, suggested the complainant had told friends that her alleged rapist, known as Saha, was “about 40 years old with wrinkles.”

The witness agreed that she may have said so, but had no “accurate” memory.

Mrs. Wilding said, “You said he was ugly and not someone you would have sex with or be physically attracted to. You tried to justify why you had sex because you didn’t find him attractive.

“I suggest you said all these things because you wanted your friends to think you wouldn’t have consented to sex with him.”

The witness replied, ‘No. I wouldn’t care what they thought.’

Louis Saha Matturie, co-defendant of Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy, today before Chester Crown Court, where he is charged with multiple rapes and assaults

Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy pictured today in Chester Crown Court

Manchester City footballer Benjamin Mendy pictured today in Chester Crown Court

Ms Wilding said she flirted with Matturie in the flat in Salford before the couple moved into the bedroom where they ‘enjoyed’ consensual sex.

Mrs. Wilding said, “The next morning you were ashamed that you had sex with a man you had only met that night.”

The witness replied, “No, I was shocked by what had happened to me.”

Mrs. Wilding said, “The moment you left the bedroom, you were determined in your own mind that you had been raped.”

The complainant replied: ‘I hadn’t really accepted it, but I knew something was wrong. I came to accept it later, but I knew something was wrong when I left.

“I’d had a blackout and then I had a memory of what had happened to me, but it wasn’t full. It was like blurry.’

The witness was asked why she had posted five photos of her birthday party three days after the alleged rape.

She said, “It was still my 19th birthday and there were fond memories of everything. I don’t see why not.’

The witness also claimed that she warned the friend who had gone to the flat with her not to go back there because “I knew what kind of man he was.”

The girlfriend, who also claims she was raped in the flat by Matturie three weeks later, told the court in a video interview that the witness was not interested in him because “she thought he was ugly.”

The complainant acknowledged that she had been taking ADHD medication since she was 15 and that it sometimes reacted with alcohol making her feel ‘hyper and more emotional’.

Mendy, 28, of Prestbury, Cheshire, has denied seven rapes, one attempted rape and one assault.

Matturie, from Eccles, Greater Manchester, denies six rapes and three assaults.

Two friends said the witness looked “bad” when she returned to the flat where her birthday party had been held.

A male friend said in a statement read to the jury: “She looked awful and looked very withdrawn. She said she had been raped and she seemed quite distant and anxious when she told us what had happened.

“She said she didn’t want to go down the road to tell the police, she wanted to forget it.”

A second friend who was in the flat said, “She looked a mess and looked like she’d been crying. She said she had been raped and seemed distraught when she told us. She didn’t blurt it out, she told us in bits and pieces.

“She thought her drinks must have been spiked because she couldn’t understand why she didn’t wake up right away.

“She said he was a black man who looked old with wrinkles and that he was ugly. She said she woke up having sex with her.’

The trial continues on Tuesday.




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