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Women’s Network: Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet on target

The logo of Scott Morrison’s gender equality organization is ruthlessly ridiculed for its X-rated appearance: ‘It’s a bit stretched isn’t it?’

  • Internet users have seen a phallic image in the Women’s Network logo.
  • Women’s Network champions gender equality in the federal government
  • It is part of the Department of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.

A branch of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Personnel Department that supports gender equality in government is being ridiculed for its phallic-like appearance.

The Women’s Network, an offshoot of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Department (PM&C), has been widely mocked for its resemblance to male anatomy, with some Reddit users even suggesting that its design was intentional.

One Reddit user wrote, ‘No logical mind in existence would accept this as a coincidence/accident. ‘That’s a penis and a ball, sir.’

Viewers of the logo have been quick to draw parallels between the design and male anatomy.

Many observers were adamant that the logo being used on the PM&C website resembled a male appendage – while others noted a pair of breasts or a tampon.

Other comments felt that the purple color choice is too similar to the eggplant emoji – an emoji that has been widely repurposed to symbolize one’s masculinity.

One user commented, ‘I’m honestly at the point where I don’t know if they are so incredibly stupid or if they are intentionally doing this because they are so wrong.

Another said: ‘It may also be added that it has been created after the sexual harassment scandals between several party members and employees of the main parties.’

The logo is proudly displayed on the PM&C Women's Network website

The logo is proudly displayed on the PM&C Women’s Network website

Last month, Scott Morrison apologized in parliament for his government’s failures toward women, following his reaction to sexism and its treatment of sexual assault scandals.

‘I am sorry. We are sorry,’ Mr Morrison said.

‘The exploitation, abuse and harassment have played themselves out through horrifyingly painful and excruciating experiences.

Harassment of employees, particularly female employees, as well as harassment of female members and senators. It has to change, it is changing, and I believe it will change.’

The Women’s Network was established to advocate for equal opportunity and gender equality in the Australian public service by facilitating opportunities for learning, networking, career mobility and flexible approaches to work.

The PM&C website states that ‘network priorities are based on driving cultural change and encouraging men to drive this cultural change, especially in areas where men can make a significant contribution’.

As of March 2021, Australia was ranked 50th in the Global Gender Gap Report released by the World Economic Forum, down six places.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the federal government for comment.


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