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Woolworths employee Kenny goes TikTok viral after quitting job with two-word letter of resignation

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Woolies employee sparks debate with video of his ‘two-word’ resignation letter – as he shares the exact moment on duty that he knew had to quit

  • A Woolworths employee has gone viral for sharing his two-word resignation letter
  • Kenny, from Adelaide, recently quit his job at the supermarket giant
  • In a TikTok clip, he joked that he would give his boss a letter that read ‘Bye lol’
  • However, he revealed that the letter was a joke and he gave a formal notice
  • Many found the act hilarious and it inspired them to quit their own jobs

A Woolworths employee has let down thousands over his alleged two-word resignation letter, which he now admits was an exaggerated social media joke.

Kenny, from Adelaide, decided to quit his job at the supermarket and joked that he would give his boss a printed letter that read ‘Bye lol’ in a TikTok clip.

While many believed the letter was genuine, Kenny told Daily Mail Australia that the letter he shared was a joke, even though he had really given up his casual role after 4.5 years.

In reality, he kept things professional and submitted a formal letter of resignation to his employer, which will be ready in a few weeks.

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Former Woolworths employee Kenny, from Adelaide, has gone viral for sharing his two-word letter of resignation

He recently decided to quit his job at the grocery store and joked that he would give his boss a printed letter saying

He recently decided to quit his job at the grocery store and joked that he would give his boss a printed letter saying “Bye lol” in a viral TikTok clip

Kenny said he knew it was time to move on when a customer walked right past him and didn’t say “excuse me” before stopping by.

The funny layoff video has been viewed more than 1.7 million times and many in the comments shared their stories.

“I resigned by email last week, it was amazing,” one viewer wrote.

“I was still looking for words for my resignation, but I think this will be short and sweet,” laughed another.

‘I want to stop too… but my boss is making it difficult…. [self-employed],’ a third joked.

Others, however, were not so convinced that the letter was a good idea.

“Never burn bridges because you never know if you’ll need them again,” said one user.

“See if you’ve been treated badly, then it’s understandable to leave without notice, but if you just quit for no good reason, that’s pretty bad on your part,” commented a second.

“The answer when you ask for a reference: no lol,” another joked.

Resign the right way?

Should I personally resign?

First of all, tell your manager in person. If that is not possible because you are at different locations, you can opt for a telephone call. In any case, it’s best to avoid email.

What should I say to my manager?

Make an appointment with your manager, but be ready to tell him why you’re resigning on the spot. Chances are they already suspect what you’re going to do.

It is best to keep your conversation around the facts and avoid raising grievances in your meeting and instead take the opportunity to briefly acknowledge what you got out of the role

What should I write in my resignation letter?

A letter of resignation acts as a legal document stating the date you want your notice period to begin.

A simple letter of resignation should contain the details of the person to whom it is addressed, the termination of employment, when it takes effect and your signature. You may want to add an extra sentence or two to thank your boss for the opportunities you’ve been given.

Keep it as light and as positive as possible.



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