Woolworths employee posts disturbing video joke pretending to eat store food

Woolworths employee pretends to eat deli food, throws a wheel of cheese in the air and waves meat in disturbing video prank

  • Clip shared on TikTok shows Woolworths employee tossing around deli items
  • Woman pretends to drop a necklace on unpacked Frankfurts in her open mouth
  • Woolworths said it was taking food hygiene seriously and following up on the video

A Woolworths prankster has horrified customers by throwing food and pretending to lower unwrapped items into her open mouth.

A video uploaded by the young woman to TikTok shows her in what appears to be a food storage facility swinging around a chain of Frankfurt sausage.

She then holds the meat over her mouth before tossing a large wheel of cheese in the air and catching it.

The video shared on TikTok shows the deli employee pretending to eat unwrapped Frankfurt sausages (pictured)

The worker wears a Woolworths cap and trousers with a casual sweater and only disposable lightweight plastic gloves to protect the food.

‘An important announcement from Woolworths. Your well-being is our top priority,” she captioned the video.

A viewer tagged Woolworths’ TikTok account to let him know about the video.

Woolworth’s Covid Handbook requires employees to adhere to food safety standards at all times.

Good hygiene is a prerequisite for access for all customers, team members, visitors, service providers, contractors, vendors and suppliers.

Face masks are provided to all employees, but they are not mandatory unless required by government Covid rules.

She then tosses around a wheel of cheese, but manages to catch the expensive looking item before it hits the ground (pictured)

She then tosses around a wheel of cheese, but manages to catch the expensive looking item before it hits the ground (pictured)

“Face masks can help keep the flow of droplets and particulate matter in the air,” the handbook states.

It is not known in which state the supermarket employee comes in the clip.

Woolworths said it is aware of and watching the video.

We take food safety very seriously and are disappointed with the behavior in the video.

“We are investigating the video and the circumstances surrounding it. We intend to take appropriate action to address the matter in accordance with our Code of Conduct.”



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