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Woolworths Offers Roasted Chicken in Melbourne for $84

Woolworths roasted for offering chicken seven times the normal price in a bizarre error

  • Melbourne Woolworths store puts a chuck of $84 free-range on display
  • The family dinner staple usually costs $12 and gets even cheaper at the end of the day
  • The supermarket blamed the hefty price on a printing error and didn’t sell it

Woolworths fluffed some feathers when a roast chicken was marked on the shelf for about 10 times the normal price.

The $84 price tag seen in a Melbourne store caused confusion on social media at the incredibly high cost.

The supermarket said a ‘printing error’ led to a mistake on the popular item, which should have been stamped as $12.

One commenter said, ‘It’s a roasted emu, while another compared it to current fuel prices.

A buyer thinking of a Hotbox item online must actually have the meat of a very large bird to justify the price.

‘Clearly a simple misprint. That’s a roasted emu,’ he wrote.

Another suggested, ‘You can trade it in for a liter of fuel’, and another jokingly said, ‘Those free range certifications ain’t cheap’.

Others made fun of it, estimating how expensive chuck would become under anticipation of increasing supermarket prices.

Woolworths said the $84 chicken was removed from display and was not purchased by any of the customers.

“All of our Macro free-range roast chickens cost $12 each, and our store team is currently looking into how this printing error occurred,” it said.

‘It appears to be an isolated incident.’

Woolworths has an egg on its face as Roasted Chuck went on sale with an $84 price tag

Woolworths has an egg on its face as Roasted Chuck went on sale with an $84 price tag


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